Cytonics to Introduce the FACT™ Diagnostic for Joint and Spine Related Pain at the 2013 Workers Compensation Conference in Orlando, FL

Cytonics to Introduce the FACT™  Diagnostic for Joint and Spine-Related Pain at the 2013 Workers Compensation Conference in Orlando, FL

Jupiter, FL: Cytonics Corporation will be introducing their FACT diagnostic products at the Workers Compensation Conference on August 19th to the 21st in Orlando, FL. Cytonics’ FACT assay detects the presence of a unique Fibronectin-Aggrecan Complex (FAC) in a fluid specimen taken from patients with spine or joint related pain. The presence of this complex has been shown in numerous clinical studies to be associated with inflammation and pain due to cartilage and spinal disc damage or degeneration.

“Identifying the source of back and joint pain is a major challenge for physicians,” said Gaetano Scuderi, MD, board-certified orthopedic surgeon, and Cytonics’ founder. “Musculoskeletal pain is often due to a biochemical inflammatory cascade that can be independent of anatomical abnormalities. Cytonics’ FACT assay detects a unique biomarker in the inflammatory cascade that can help physicians pinpoint the source of pain, and rule in the necessity for additional treatment.”

Dr. Scuderi will be leading a discussion on “The Problem With Epidurals” at the Workers Compensation Conference on August 21st at 8:45 am. Dr. Scuderi has shown through his research at Cytonics and Stanford University that if the FAC biomarker is not present in the fluid surrounding a herniated spinal disc, epidural injections will rarely work. Dr. Scuderi will review how his findings can help in decreasing costs and facilitating treatment in prevalent workers compensation injuries.

Research supporting the use of the Fibronectin-Aggrecan Complex as a biomarker for the source of pain is detailed in numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, including the “Identification of a Novel Fibronectin-Aggrecan Complex in the Synovial Fluid of Knees with Painful Meniscal Injury.” published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, and “Clinically Significant Improvement in Functional Outcome after Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection for Radiculopathy Is Predicted By Assay for Novel Fibronectin-Aggrecan Complex,” published in SPINE.  “We look forward to FACT’s commercial launch and believe that it will improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs,” commented Ray Johnson, President of Cytonics.

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Cytonics is a privately held biotechnology company developing diagnostics and treatments for back and joint related pain. The company has relationships with leading research institutions, including Stanford University and the Scripps Research Institute. Cytonics was founded in 2006 and is based in Jupiter, FL.  For more information, visit

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