Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M) Breakthrough Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is one of the world’s most common health problems. Aging and post-traumatic arthritis caused by injuries are commonly cited causes of the condition. Billions of patients suffer from debilitating arthritis pain in their backs, knees, and hands. Florida-based research company Cytonics has developed a method for injecting Alpha-2-macroglobulin, or A2M, to stop the progression of arthritis. The process works to inhibit disease progression and regenerate damaged cartilage in affected joints.

What’s A2M?

A2M, a natural inhibitor produced by the liver, protects cartilage from proteins known to cause osteoarthritis. Instead of being concentrated in joints to prevent arthritis, A2M molecules are disbursed throughout the body. As a solution to the problem, Cytonics developed a regenerative A2M concentrate for treatment. The medicine is injected directly into affected joints, delivering the A2M supplement to inhibit the progression of arthritis.

How Does A2M Work to Stop Arthritis?

When a patient is suffering from arthritis, chemicals that destroy cartilage affect his or her joints. Catabolic proteases, the chemicals cause cartilage to break down, result in pain and inflammation. The disease will eventually cause the cartilage to disappear completely, resulting in painful friction of bones rubbing together. In healthy joints, cartilage works as a buffer to prevent bone-on-bone contact.

A2M halts the progression of osteoarthritis at the molecular level by inactivating the chemicals that cause the joints to breakdown. As the A2M captures and neutralizes the damaging chemicals, the body will work to eliminate them. The joint will then begin to recover, as the inflammation is subdued, and harmful chemicals are no longer present. A2M remaining in the joint will promote tissue growth and the joint can begin the restoration process. The repaired damage will then lead to a pain-free joint.

Will A2M Work for Me?

A2M will improve the pain and damage of arthritis in most patients. The joint restoration process will work best when used early in arthritis treatment, before destruction has progressed. This will allow for the maximum amount of cartilage to be protected before becoming severely damaged. In those with untreated arthritis, A2M injections can still be effective. The restoration process may not be as thorough but will still inhibit disease progression.

The A2M injection can eliminate all pain associated with osteoarthritis. Our patients have found relief for spinal, knee, and soft tissue pain. The regenerative process will work to rebuild healthy joints, allowing patients to return to active lifestyles.