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Investor InformationIn the U.S., over 30 million people are treated for back pain yearly, and osteoarthritis (OA) related joint pain affects nearly 27 million. In all, musculoskeletal disease burdens our nation with substantial human suffering, lost productivity, missed work, and excessive medical expenses. Our mission at Cytonics is to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic products for OA, back, and joint pain.

Become a Cytonics Investor

We’re excited to share that Cytonics is gearing up to offer company shares to not only accredited investors, but also anybody interested in investing in a growing and proven medical technology company. We are currently working with auditors and regulators to setup a crowdfunding platform so that investors of all sizes can take advantage of this financial opportunity.

How do Investors make money with Crowdfunding?

There are different ways investors can make money through crowdfunding investments. Investors can own a share or dividend, which represents them owning a part of the business. Potentially, investors can also make money if a company is sold/acquired, goes public with an IPO, or through a secondary market trade if the shareowner decides to sell his or her dividend.  Like any investment, there are risks involved and there is no financial guarantee, so it’s important to invest in solid, proven companies.

What should Cytonic investors know?

Cytonics first discovered a unique “bio-marker” that assists physicians in diagnosing pain and improving outcomes by pinpointing the source of pain. This led to identification of a unique protein, Alpha-2 Macroglobulin (A2M), made by the body that stops pain AND also protects cartilage. We have developed a range of therapeutic products based on A2M.

We intend to market our products to the more than 50,000 surgeons and physicians that treat patients for osteoarthritis and orthopedic related pain in the U.S. and around the world.

What are Cytonics’ products?

Research has shown that an inflammatory cascade of proteins causes back and joint pain. Our FACTÔ diagnostic assay measures the presence of a unique Fibronectin- Aggrecan Complex (FAC) in a fluid specimen taken from patients with spine or joint related pain. FACT is a Lab Developed Test (LDT) that is processed in Cytonics’ CLIA certified lab. Two versions have been launched in the US: FACT for Molecular Disc Analysis, and FACT for Joint Diagnostics.

Based on Cytonics’ in-depth knowledge of the pain cascade and discovery of FAC, we have also developed a treatment that inhibits cartilage degeneration and prevents the formation of FAC. Our APICÔ System utilizes a unique process to concentrate plasma proteins from a patient’s own blood. We have recently completed a successful Phase l/ll clinical trial with APIC- CF. Moreover, our recombinant platform has been shown to slow the progression of osteoarthritis in preclinical models by Cytonics and by independent researchers at Brown University (Arthritis Research & Therapy 2017 19:175). Additional new products are underway in development as well.

Does Cytonics’ have patents?

Cytonics has invested over $1.5M in patent development, and has filed numerous domestic and international patent applications on our diagnostic and therapeutic products. We have already received 7 patent approvals.

What capital has already been raised for Cytonics?

The company has received over $18M in funding, including a prestigious $1.8M grant from the National Institute of Health. An international orthopedic implant company purchased a minority interest in Cytonics in 2011 and made an additional investment in 2013. Furthermore, we closed a Series B round at $4.00/ share, with $2M raised in 2015.

Cytonics is currently pursuing opportunities for a C round of funding via a convertible debt offering or a regulation A+ tier 2 IPO to fund preclinical trials of its recombinant A2M.

How to get started as a Cytonics investor

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