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Cytonics Corporation believes that access and reimbursement issues should not hinder your ability to offer quantitative, objective diagnostic tools to your patients.  We understand that the billing and reimbursement process can be challenging, so we’ve taken steps to simplify it for you and your patients. Cytonics will bill for the test, as the provider of service, so your office will not be required to bill or collect for the FACT assay. On behalf of your patients, FACT is billed using procedure codes (CPT® codes) that generally have established coverage policies. Cytonics will work hard to obtain payer coverage for the FACT diagnostic test, including pursuing appeals as necessary. Depending on the terms of the health care plan, patients may have financial responsibility for payment of any applicable co-payments, co-insurance, or deductible for the test.


Physicians commonly use MRI imaging to identify orthopedic abnormalities. However, MRI has limitations. Many patients have “normal” looking anatomy following a traumatic injury even though degenerative enzymes may be at work causing pain and slowly destroying their joint. Additionally, patients often have non-painful abnormalities that are indistinguishable from painful conditions. This makes it difficult for surgeons to diagnosis the source of pain and to make decisions on the best course of treatment. The limitations of MRI often lead to misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment, leaving patients to continue to suffer in pain following treatment, despite the best intentions of their physicians.

Research has shown that an inflammatory cascade of proteins causes back and joint pain. Our FACT assay detects a unique bio-marker (FAC) in this cascade allowing physicians to identify and treat the source of pain.

In addition to the FACT assay, Cytonics is developing the next generation in autologous treatments for osteoarthritis, back and joint pain. Based on Cytonics’ in-depth knowledge of the pain cascade and our discovery of FAC, we have developed a method to concentrate proteins that inhibit cartilage degeneration and that prevent the formation of FAC. Our APIC™ System utilizes a unique centrifugation and filtration process to concentrate platelets, growth factors, and protease inhibitors from a patient’s own blood. The platelet rich, leukocyte poor APIC has been shown to slow the progression of osteoarthritis in preclinical models.