Company Overview

company-overviewIn the U.S., over 30 million people are treated for back pain every year, and osteoarthritis (OA) affects nearly 27 million people. Back pain is the #1 cause of missed work and the #1 healthcare expense in our country. Joint pain and OA account for millions of doctor office visits each year, and are rapidly rising as the average life expectancy increases. In all, musculoskeletal disease burdens our nation with human suffering, lost productivity, missed work, and excessive medical expenses.

Business Summary

Cytonics is a research and development company dedicated to discovering and developing therapeutics based on the protease inhibitor Alpha2 Macroglobulin (A2M).  We are developing a number of A2M therapies with the goal of out-licensing the drugs to strategic partners at the key clinical value inflection points.  We maximize the value of the drugs we discover by putting them in the hands of leading pharmaceutical companies with late-stage development, commercialization and marketing expertise.  As a result of this strategy, we keep our organization focused with a strong financial position.

We have discovered a unique “bio-marker” that can assist physicians in improving patient outcomes by pinpointing the source of orthopedic pain. We are also developing a range of therapeutic products for the treatment of painful osteoarthritis, back, and joint pain. Cytonics has a research lab located in Jupiter, FL with a team of scientists and PhD’s, working to discover and develop products for the treatment of musculoskeletal disease.

Our Mission is to be the leader in diagnostic products for musculoskeletal disease, and to develop highly effective biotechnology based treatments for back and joint pain.

Intellectual Property

Cytonics has invested over $500K in patent development, and has filed numerous domestic and international patent applications for its diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. We have obtained U.S. Patent #7,709,215 and #8,338,572 for diagnostics and have a number of other U.S. and foreign patent applications pending. Our patent counsel is Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati.

Investor Relations

Cytonics has raised over $14 million in funding, including $1.8M in grants from the National Institute of Health. An orthopedic implant company purchased a minority interest in Cytonics in 2011.